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Posted: January 20, 2014 in Politics, Uncategorized
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The growth of social media as a source of news and change ideas in India is yet to reach a maturity of judgment that looks at the statements and posts dissociated with the people positing them alone. The information out there is not just about how quickly an alternate and crowd sourced reality is offered. It is about a sustained conversation and its impact. More and more posts and feeds are being assessed over a wider spectrum of context.

The AAP imagery that rode the deluge of likes and endorsements is now turning into structured arguments. Whether or not there is a systemic ideology or political philosophy behind AAP, the social media narrative is inadvertently creating a set of core principles. These are based on recent actions of the party leaders in the government and comparisons with the deviations that question the liberal democratic framework.

The run-in with systems of policing and law is not a run-in with corruption or injustice as the institutions that oversee policing acquire the character of the ruling government determines legalities.

Is the strategy to create racial profiling and individualized notion of what the law is all about not a take from what BJP and its affiliates are known for.

The call to show foreigners – read African nations – the appropriate and right way of living in India is akin to the slogan of Bharat mein rahna hain to Vandematram kaihna honga. I know it is sounding extreme but seems to be going that way.

In spirit this would mean individualist and populist interpretation would override law. The knee-jerk would prevail over substantive change.

Or worse still AAP is creating a template of wider national electorate that encompasses elements of jingoism and easy to assimilate tricks of political change.

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